From the President

This is a big term for the P&C and we need support from as many parents as possible.

The P&C has taken the decision to spend the money raised thus far to improve the facilities around the school and therefore all projects are based on this. This money includes all the money raised through our fund raising activities and all your contributions that is working for the benefit of the

We are eagerly awaiting our new electronic signs. We have, along with the school, commissioned two signs to be erected, one for both of the school’s main entrances. We have contributed $25,000 to this project. These signs will allow notices to be displayed immediately, which will greatly improve the communication and assist with getting messages out to the students, yourself and the community.

We have a further $25,000 target for our fundraising efforts, of which the golf day is the most important. The funds raised will be going to replace and install new furniture around the school for the students to sit during their breaks. There are various areas that have no seating, so it is our intention to ensure that there is adequate seating around the school. You may have noticed that a lot of work has gone into improving the area around the court yard between the office block and classrooms, if not the next time you are at the school I urge you to go and have a look. It is really attractive but what is missing are new benches as the old wooden ones look drab and need to be replaced.

Hopefully, by now everyone is aware that we have our big fund raising event, our annual GOLF DAY, on the 14 November 2017. We would like to make this our best GOLF DAY ever but we need your help. The day is based on enjoyment of both the sport and the social aspect of enjoying a meal and some drinks afterward. Traditionally, Cromer is a difficult course on which to arrange a game so this is a really good opportunity to invite some friends along and have a great time on this stunningly picturesque course. The entrance fee includes a 9 hole game with dinner at a cost is $70, this is a real bargain! If you don’t play but want to have a crack at playing, now’s your chance. We also have a challenge to the ladies out there to get a team together, we would love to see some more ladies’ 4 balls this year. Even if you don’t play golf, please come along and enjoy the dinner with us. Based on our previous golf days the dinner is well worth it and the cost is only $40.00. It is an enjoyable afternoon/evening, an opportunity to meet other parents and teachers and at the same time helping your children. If you cannot attend but would like to make a donation, I encourage you to do that.

This year we have obtained some great sponsorship from companies in the community, which is fantastic for us. We have a sponsor for a hole in one. $1,000. That alone is worth a punt! We also have a special guest playing, our local mayor has agreed to play. Golf days revolve around prizes and so we are looking for donations of prizes, so if you can help in any way, e.g. if you run a company and could give us a voucher or would like to donate a bottle of wine, spirits or a 6 pack please drop this off at the school office or contact myself Desmond McLachlan or Jason Hunt, our details are on the website.

For more information please go to the Golf Section on P&C web site. Please support us, any assistance is appreciated but we would love for you to come along and enjoy the afternoon with us. Be quick though as there is limited time to finalise our numbers and arrangements to ensure a memorable event.