The funds the P&C raises through parent contributions and fundraising all go towards projects that improve and provide resources for the school and students.

The school receives limited funding from the government and the valuable assistance of the P&C means that school funds can be focused on learning outcomes without compromising the school environment, resources and opportunities for students.

Listed below are planned, current and past projects that the P&C has been involved in.

There is no shortage of projects for the P&C to support for the benefit of our children and we welcome your involvement, no matter how big or small, to make these a reality.

Planned Projects

12 May Working Bee
22 Sep Working Bee

The P&C is also considering a Covered Outdoor Learning Area (COLA) for the basketball courts. We would like to cover the courts so that the students can have cover during the heat and rain. This is a huge undertaking with a cost of approximately $60,000.

Current Projects

Sponsored Pathway

The pathway from the side gate to the school buildings has been given to the P&C to use to raise funds, which will be used to fix up the gardens along the path. We have decided to sell bricks with sponsors names on. At present, we are obtaining cost for the bricks and we will then sell the bricks to whoever would like to have their name or family names on them. These will be used to pave the pathway.

Garden Edging

The edging around the school gardens is another initiative the P&C has undertaken. We invite you to have a look at the edging already done with stone, it looks really great. We are looking at around $25,000 for the rest of the gardens to be done in the same manner.

Past Projects

Repainting, Refurbishing and General Repairs

5 rooms were completely refurbished in 2018 at a cost of approximately $50,000.

The 2018 Working Bee which repainted all the seating in the Main Quad was supported by the P&C which paid for materials and a fabulous lunch to the participating parents.

New outdoor furniture installed

New outdoor furniture has been bought and installed in 2018 by the P&C with the money raised from last year’s Golf Day. Installation was achieved with the help of students who formed up and poured the concrete slabs.  The furniture replaces old deteriorating equipment and I’m sure you’ll agree looks great and has been really appreciated by teachers and students.

Electronic Signs

New electronic signs have been installed at each entrance of the school at a cost of approximately $38,000. The signs are a fantastic addition and assist in the communication between the school and the greater community.

Past projects also include air conditioning in the gym, a revamped computer room including 14 new computers, and a screen and projector in the school gym for presentations. These were possible due to approximately $40,000 in funding from the P&C.

In first term of each year we are actively involved in the school open day, where we provide a sausage sizzler with refreshments, and are able to help prospective parents with information about the school.

In 4th term 2016, we prepared a full English breakfast for the Cromer Campus staff to say thank you for their effort with our children. This is an event we would like to do every year.