Meal Roster

Recently one of our Cromer Community Families has experienced an incredibly sad loss of a loved one.  One of our lovely local mums suggested setting up a ‘Meals Roster’ to help support this family.  We have had many individuals express how happy they would be to support this idea.  Therefore we have set up a Sign Up Roster page so you can add your name against the date you would like to provide a meal, along with your dish details.  The meal can be dropped off at the CC Café, which is located in the main staff room.  They have a fridge and freezer available here for meal storage.  It also provides a discreet way for meals to be collected.  Thank you to Donna Bartho- Jones for presenting this idea and for thinking of others in a time of need.  Donna has also provided foil trays so that you can put your meals into these, saving your Tupperware!  These trays are also available for pick up at the Café.  Of course if you do want to use your own containers please make sure you have your name and phone number on them and we can ensure that they are returned back to the Café for your collection.  Please put a note on your food to advise of what the meal is, and date cooked.

Thank you, and feeling very proud to be a part of our wonderfully caring community.

Please use the following link to register your interest in assisting by providing a meal.

P&C Association