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To all Parents of Cromer Campus, we thought it was time to introduce you to your Parents & Citizens Association Team.  We are also keen to share with you what we have been doing so far this year.

Your Team includes the following members;
Jackie Reavie – President
Teresa Burgess – Vice President
Aaron Holborow – Vice President
Matt Soltau – Treasurer
Rob Feltscheer – Communications
Colleen Camelin – Secretary
Jennifer Jones – Grants Officier

We also have a number of Signed Members who form our Voting Committee.

Between us all, and our wonderful parent and children helpers, we have probably cooked just over 2,000 sausages so far this year running BBQs at the Parents Open Day event, at both Elections, and at the more recent QuadFest Event.

Aside from cooking Sausages, the P&C also manages and runs the School Canteen. This year has seen the P&C install a new Flexischool system, new food grade stainless benches and a new refridgerator.

We actively support programs that are run across the school, providing lunch from our Canteen for the students and often attending the sessions to provide personal thanks to the Speakers. 

Our next big project for this year is the implementation of new Recycling Bin Systems across the school.  Our aim is to remove the current open silver bins, which will improve not only the look of the school, but also hopefully reduce some of the rubbish we see around and our bird wildlife!  These Bins will be enclosed and focused on the collection of Plastic/Glass and general Garbage for recycling purposes.  Paper is already collected in classrooms by the students on a weekly basis and sent for recycling.

On Friday 20th November we are holding our Annual Fundraising Event, Dinner and Golf at the Cromer Golf Club.  Tickets will be available to purchase soon, and we are looking forward to welcoming our Parent Community to join us for 9 holes of golf, or just dinner if you wish.  There will be singing and comedy entertainment, plus a raffle at the event itself.  We are also going to hold an Online Auction for exciting prizes for ALL of our community to get involved in.

Information sharing is a huge part of the P&C and the communication with our Parents.  We have established a new TeamAPP solution to centralise all communication platforms.  If you aren’t a member of this community as yet, please follow these simple instructions;

  1. On your mobile device – go to the APP Store
  2. Download TeamAPP
  3. Sign Up – if you are already a member of TeamAPP you can just log in
  4. Search for NBSC Cromer Campus P&C
  5. Start Exploring!